Resource management
based on Open Talent Economy

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Resource management

Add, edit, manage and find all resources in one place using the intelligent search tool
blind CVs creator
easy free resource finder
accessible availability of your partners’ resources


Analyze your team’s occupancy and scheduled workload - locate the dry spells and overbookings
availability visualisation
transparent schedule
filter your view


Manage projects from your pipeline, assign resources to them, use intelligent assistant to build and analyze teams
add any internal or external projects
manage your sales pipeline
prepare offers
design efficient teams
find your technical shortages


Invite your existing outsourcing partners, either it’s your company branch or whole other company. Expand your network and work together in one place
share your resources with their availability
see the availability of your partner’s resources
manage external resource as your own

Grenade Hub Network

Expand your search for developers by making a full inquiry. Ask for dedicated offers and receive tailor made profiles.
Ask the whole community for free resources
Gain new partners
Share your free resources

Our users call Grenade Hub game-changing solution

Grenade Hub changes the rules improving the whole process of acquiring IT contractors. Thanks to their solution we're able to approach a lot more projects. System provided by Grenade Hub organizes the exchange of information about available developers and extra engagement from the assistant in the Enterprise plan significantly increases the range and the pace of the process. For our last .Net inquiry we've received almost 25 profiles in less than 24 hours. We were also looking for a company that has a whole iOS team of five available right away. Thanks to Grenade Hub we’ve found 5 different companies ready to jump in on this project immediately!

Jakub Solak - Sourcing Manager @ Future Processing

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